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Spotlight on Asia: A conversation with Morten Paulsen

By Jeremie Capron, Head of Research, ROBO Global I recently had the opportunity to speak with Morten Paulsen, the Head of Research and a Managing Director at CLSA Japan. As a member of the ROBO Global Strategic Advisory Board, Morten’s insights into developments in robotics, automation, and AI in Asia help inform our research and alert us to the latest advancements coming to the forefront from both current industry leaders and emerging companies. Morten has covered the Japanese robotics an...

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14 Feb, 2019 image

AI is coming! Investors: Are you ready?

  Artificial intelligence—or AI—is either poised to save the world… or destined to doom it. It all depends on who you talk to on any given day. Proponents of AI see emerging technologies such as machine learning and big data mining as the key to a future in which life is easier, smarter, and faster. Naysayers fear economic disruption, unemployed workers, and a world that puts machines in control. Like religion, it’s a debate that is nearly impossible to win. The reason? AI wil...

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Chipmakers are battling it out for a claim in the high-flying AI chip market

At the core of artificial intelligence (AI) is machine learning—a computer’s ability to use data (and lots of it) to learn and continuously improve its decision-making based on complex algorithms. In order for data centers, robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, and devices like digital assistants and smart phones to process these massive quantities of data, they require a key component: semiconductor chips. The result: the robotics and AI revolution has sparked a new battle for leadership amo...

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