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    To give investors diversified and broad exposure to companies around the world that are leading the AI revolution, we constructed the ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence Index (THNQ), which includes AI companies that are actively developing and leveraging tools and AI-powered engines to capitalize on new market opportunities and accelerate their revenue growth. 

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    For investors, AI is still in the early stages of adoption. Historically, the stock market tends to under-appreciate the scale of opportunity enjoyed by leading providers of new technologies at this phase of development. As we watch AI companies paving the path, it is growingly evident that those involved in the space are on course to grow faster than many existing public companies. For those too hoping to profit from this growth, the biggest takeaway is this: AI is not just coming, it’s here.

    The data shown is derived from the published index values.
    Data prior to 21 August 2018 is based on simulated back-tested data.

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    ROBO Global® Artificial Intelligence Index 8/21/18 THNQ

    The Investment Universe

    To date, we have identified 11 subsectors within the AI universe with high growth and earnings potential for investors.

    The Investment Universe

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    The ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence Index includes more than 60 stocks across 11 subsectors in 16 countries. The Index is built to minimize risk by limiting reliance on the largest-cap players, and it is carefully structured to capture the growth of rapidly developing artificial intelligence companies around the globe.