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    Robotics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence (RAAI) is one of the most compelling investment opportunities of the 21st century. Daily media coverage of intriguing and widely adopted advancements in robotics attracts widespread interest in how these technologies are impacting our daily lives. Yet few investors are aware of the vast scope of RAAI and how its growth is accelerating across the supply chain.

    Robotics and automation are already disrupting nearly every industry in every geography, creating a swift transition to an “automate or fail” economy that is dictating the success or failure of corporations large and small. Still in its infancy, this multi-decade technological transition is creating a unique opportunity for today’s forward-thinking investor looking to capture the tremendous growth to come for robotics companies globally.

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    The ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index is the original and leading stock index tracking the robotics, automation, and AI revolution for investors. ROBO provides investment exposure to a basket of best-in-class robotics stocks from around the world.

    The index liquidity filter was modified in October 2014 and June 2017 as per the published index guidelines. The data shown is derived from the published index values. Data prior to 16 June 2014 is based on simulated back-tested data.

    Primary Index Series Live Date Ticker Download Fact Sheet
    ROBO Global® Robotics and Automation Index 8/2/13 ROBO
    ROBO Global® Robotics and Automation UCITS Index 6/16/14 ROBOT

    The Investment Universe

    To date, we have identified 11 subsectors in the universe of robotics and automation that carry high growth and earnings potential.

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    The ROBO Global Index includes more than 80 robotics and automation stocks across 11 subsectors in over 14 countries. The Index is built to minimize risk by limiting reliance on the largest-cap players, and it is carefully structured to capture the growth of rapidly developing robotics and automation companies around the globe.