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    HTEC provides unique, global exposure to best-in-class companies leading the healthcare technology revolution, across diagnostics, robotics, genomics, precision and regenerative medicine, lab automation, instruments, data analytics, and telehealth.


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    Massive disruption is taking the healthcare space by storm. Rapidly evolving technologies are quietly and completely morphing the medical field as we know it. Robotics, artificial intelligence, and healthcare technologies are becoming significant change agents in the industry and investors should be taking notice.

    The data shown is derived from the published index values.
    Data prior to 30 April 2019 is based on simulated back-tested data.

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    ROBO Global® Healthcare Technology & Innovation Index 4/30/19 HTEC

    The Investment Universe

    To date, we have identified 9 subsectors in the universe of healthcare technology that carry high growth and earnings potential.

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    The ROBO Global Healthcare Technology & Innovation Index includes more than 80 stocks across 9 subsectors in 15 countries. The Index is built to minimize risk by limiting reliance on the largest-cap players, and to capture the growth of rapidly developing healthcare technology companies around the globe.