Research from the top minds in robotics, automation & AI

ROBO Global Research Update: AeroVironment

AeroVironment has been making headlines lately, and for good reason. The recent availability of its Quantix™ VTOL hybrid drone and the AeroVironment Decision Support System™ (AV DSS) marks a key...


ROBO Global Research Update: Biotelemetry

A pioneer in the wireless medical technology space, BioTelemetry is changing how doctors monitor and diagnose health disorders and diseases. While this technology holds the potential to be applied acr...


ROBO Global Research Update: Nuance Communications

When it comes to making a difference in the world with artificial intelligence, one company that is clearly leading the way is Massachusetts-based Nuance Communications. Originally founded in 1994 as ...


3D Printing: Poised for a profitable future

3D printing is here, and it is transforming every industry it touches as the sector shifts from a bleeding-edge technology to a must-have competitive tool. As manufacturers large and small turn to 3D ...


ROBO Global Quarterly Review Q4 2018

After returning a total 51% in the prior two years, the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index declined 22% during the 4Q18 global equity rout that was caused by a perfect storm of monetary tight...


ROBO Global 2019 Outlook

Heading into 2019, ROBO Global explores the major trends shaping robotics, automation, and AI. All expectations point to an even bigger, faster, and more innovative year than the last....


ROBO Global Quarterly Review Q3 2018

THIRD QUARTER IN REVIEW The ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index rose 4.3% in 3Q18, recouping its 2Q loss. While weakening economic momentum continued to weigh on Asian and European equities, ...



With the earnings season coming to a close, the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index has recouped its 2Q losses and risen over 6% in July and August. 2Q18 marked the sixth consecutive quarter o...


The ROBO Global Quarterly Report

Q2 2018 Performance, Investment Insight, and Notable News from the quarter....


ROBO Global Quarterly Review Q2 2018

After ten consecutive quarters of gains, the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index declined by 4% in 2Q18, primarily due to weakening economic momentum in Europe and Asia, a stronger d...

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Meet the Minds Behind the ROBO Global Strategic Advisory Board

Henrik Christensen, Illah Nourbakhsh, and Manish Kothari are just three of the brilliant members of the ROBO Global Strategic Advisory Board. Among the top minds in the world of robotics and AI, we are honored to have their insight and knowledge fueling the decisions behind the index and helping to keep ROBO state of the …

iRobot CEO Spotlight: A Behind the Machines Look with ROBO Global

In this one-on-one interview with iRobot CEO Colin Angle at the company’s Bedford, MA, headquarters, Jeremie Capron, ROBO Global’s Director of Research, takes us on an insider’s tour of iRobot to learn what’s driving the growth for this leader in the consumer robotics sector.